Does starting your new Amazon UK business feel like you’re pushing a boulder up a hill?

If you feel lost or you do not know where to start then this is the program for you.

Save time & Make Money Faster With The Amazon Accelerator Business Coaching Video Course.

Introducing the Amazon Business Accelerator Course: The Amazon arbitrage course for Amazon sellers who want actionable steps to make money faster, save time and reduce your learning curve.

Watch this course and gain the knowledge to go from Zero to Launching your business in a matter of hours.

Stop killing yourself trying to watch every Youtube video or read every Facebook post. Starting a new business is already hard enough!

You know what? I’ve been there before. I know what it feels like never quite knowing where to begin.

Constantly trying to digest the neverending sea of information. Especially when most if it just ends up going over your head.

But what if starting a business could be different?

Imagine if you had your own personal mentor. Someone to coach you through those nervous moments and give you guidance and direction.

My course won't just teach you how to make money on Amazon, but together we will even explore the not so glamorous side of running a business like accounting systems, insurance and legal structures.

Giving yourself the best possible foundations to maximise your success.

And when the time comes for you to start growing and scaling your business, you will be well placed to transform your business through the use of product preparation centres and by hiring and training Virtual Assistants which we will all be explored in this comprehensive course.

This course will leave no stones unturned or questions left unanswered. 

Starting your new business would be just like learning to ride a bike. You will have someone to guide you when you're learning and then when the sales start rolling in, you can pedal off on your own.

Leaving you feeling excited and confident in your ability to make money. Yet still having the peace of mind and the comfort of knowing that you always have someone to turn to for support.

Now imagine the alternative, a world filled with indecision. Take a moment to think, really think HARD what it is costing you every moment you don't make a sale. Every product you don't buy thanks to indecision.

All those pounds lost and all that time wasted googling, YouTubing and Facebooking when you could have been making money.

The world of starting a business on your own can often be a sad, lonely and frustrating place at times.

Worse, however, in the business world, indecision or a lack of expertise can end up losing you hundreds or thousands of pounds month-after-month.

A carefully crafted roadmap prepared with surgical-like precision all for less than the cost of a night out, versus walking the path alone! I know which option I would choose.

Who am I and why does that matter?

I’m David and I operate my own Amazon FBA retail arbitrage and private label Amazon business. I do this every day so I know the day to day issues that we face as sellers.

I also work full time as an Accountant. Using this unique skillset I help new and experienced Amazon sellers not only figure out what their next step to making more money is, but more importantly how to achieve it.

You’re probably wondering why all this matters? As a practising Chartered Accountant and experienced Amazon seller, this means that you can rely on with certainty the information that I share with you.

Giving you the confidence to act on the information you receive.

Using my experience as a seller, combined with my technical accounting experience I help clients like Jenny B from Bolton start-up her own Amazon business in a way that complies with all relevant legal and tax laws.

Not long ago Jenny had her first ever sale of ÂŁ17.49. Just recently I received an excited text message showing that she had managed to finally crack the ÂŁ500 a day revenue mark! This was all whilst running a household and raising a family.

For less than the cost of a night out, the Amazon Accelerator Course can TRANSFORM your life and your business.

You’ll get the chance to borrow my brain, learn from any mistakes I’ve made and shortcut your learning curve. That’s right you can start making money faster.

Other clients include:

“David helped to steer us through the legal requirements necessary to setup a business in the UK. As people self-taught in an eCommerce business, we needed the guidance that David gave us to ensure that we were on the right path. David's approachable manner and knowledge of the subject helped to put us at ease as he clearly explained our next steps”.

Mel and Andy

Amazon sellers based in Singapore, who are looking to expand into the Amazon UK market.

“Having someone to talk to talk to one-on-one has resulted in a huge increase in confidence. Our conversations have helped ease a lot of my nerves as a new seller. David has given fantastic advice about selling on Amazon. Great ability to answer questions and give bespoke advice for a beginner like me.”

Bhavesh W

New UK based seller

Course Modules Include:

Module 1 –  Getting Started

Module 2 – Finding Profitable Products

Module 3 – Knowing What To Sell

Module 4 – Preparing Your First Shipment

Module 5 – Scaling & Growing Your Business

➤ Quizzes at the end of each module for you to cement your knowledge;

➤ Exclusive access to discounts with various Amazon Partner Industry service providers from Insurers to accountants;

➤ Video demonstrations;

➤ Resources; and

➤ Course slides and transcripts.

Save You Time

  • How to use Amazon Seller Central.
  • How to Prepare shipments into Amazon.
  • How to organise UPS collections.
  • How to outsource & grow your business through hiring Virtual Assistants to source products.

Save You Money

  • Strategies to reduce inventory purchase costs.
  • Reduce tax payable through selection of appropriate legal structures.
  • Understanding how to conduct technical analysis to ensure you make profitable buying decisions.

Protect Your Assets

  • Reduce your personal asset risk exposure through selecting appropriate trading legal structures.
  • Minimising your business risk exposure plus how to mitigate business risks.

Make You Money

  • How to use arbitrage software like FBA Wizard to boost profits.
  • Increase your product sales and inventory range through assisting with product category expansion.
  • Places to source profitable products.
  • Strategies to grow your business.

Full Initial Launch Price Is Just ÂŁ79 ($98) But Get This…

The Course at this price is a limited time offer.

We have plans to increase the price to ÂŁ199 ($250) – even at ÂŁ199 ($250) the value you're getting from this course is worth many times that.

Most other marketers would probably charge $1,000+ for this but I want to keep this affordable for you.

Accelerator Business Course & 1 Coaching Session

  •  Module 1 –  Getting Started;
  •  Module 2 – Finding Profitable Products;
  •  Module 3 – Knowing What To Sell;
  •  Module 4 – Preparing Your First Shipment;
  •  Module 5 – Scaling & Growing Your Business;
  •  Quizzes at the end of each module for you to cement your knowledge;
  •  Exclusive access to discounts with various Amazon Partner Industry service providers; and
  •  Course slides and transcripts.

I’ve read enough! I want to launch my Amazon Business TODAY and purchase the Amazon Business Accelerator Course.

Now I know you’ve probably still got questions such as:

Can't I Just Facebook, Google or Youtube this?

A common misconception amongst many sellers is that all the information is out there and readily available. There are three main problems with this belief:

The first sad reality is that most of the information and training out there has been produced by US sellers for the US market. The US market rules and regulations are radically different to the UK market.

As a new seller who knows little about Amazon FBA will you be able to distinguish between advice that applies to the UK and advice that doesn’t?

Secondly, Facebook, Google and Youtube tend to work for those who have the time to do it. If you have been blessed with the time to sit around all day watching Youtube videos and Googling then, by all means, I encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity.

But if you have real responsibilities like working full time, looking after children, or running a household, then perhaps wasting precious hours of your life may not be the best use of your time.

Instead, a comprehensive structured learning course may be a more effective way of using your time and allow you to start making money faster!

Perhaps though, the biggest problem with Google and Youtube is that often it either doesn’t answer your question exactly, often leaving you with more questions than when you started!

This can cause you to feel frustrated and ready to bang your head against the wall! There is no substitute for having someone’s undivided attention. Someone to answer all your questions and queries.

Why is this course so cheap?

My vision is to help aspiring entrepreneurs like you transform your life and achieve financial freedom. I do believe that the creators of such courses are should be rewarded for their time. This is only fair.

However, the prices other some other so called ‘gurus' charge, borders on extortion and should be considered daylight robbery!

When sellers start charging extortionate amounts simply for helping people through VIDEO when it does not take up their personal time, or impact their business – I believe this behaviour is morally wrong!

My goal is to level the playing field with my competitive pricing and superior content.

Who is this course for?

This course is strictly for  Amazon FBA retail and online arbitrage businesses.

The topics covered in this course range from beginner to more advanced topics such as growing and scaling your business, using product preparation centres and hiring Virtual Assistants. This course does not cover private labelling

Your website says you're an accountant, will you do my tax returns?

I would be honoured to walk you through some of the basics of UK taxation, deductions, ways to start a business or why you shouldn't operate as a sole trader.

However, despite being a fully qualified accountant who practises in one of London’s biggest firms, giving clients personalised financial or tax advice is not currently a service I am offering. This is something I actively encourage all sellers to independently obtain.

Will this product work for me?
Will I get ripped off?
Will I waste my time?

Which is why I am offering this limited time offer guarantee. So here’s my promise to you:

I know how difficult it is, as I too have experienced the pain of trying to start my own business.

I also know that there are a lot of people out there who are offering you the moon and the stars.

However, I want you to know I am so committed to helping not just you, but every aspiring entrepreneur to start the kind of business that will allow you to live the life of your dreams.

I am offering this 30-day money back guarantee as I wanted to take away every possible reason as to why you would not do something that would change your life.

That’s why I am allowing you to sign up to my Amazon Accelerator Business Course completely risk-free.

If you don’t get anything out of it then I don’t want you to pay for anything. I don’t deserve your money.

I am willing to do this because I want you to know that I am here for you.

However, I do know some people’s goals are going to be to sign up, request a refund and try to rip me off.

I am willing to go the distance for you, but only if you are too. Therefore, the only thing you have to do if you decide to cancel is to show me that you’ve done the work.

Show me that you’ve invested your time to do the work and implement my advice and my course still did not work for you.

Because if you’ve put in the work and it didn’t work for you, I don’t deserve your money. For full details of the refund policy click here.

Before I go I want to let you in on one last little secret…

There’s no shame in getting help to grow your business. No one gives you a shiny medal saying “Well done! You did this all on your own”.

In fact, world leaders have advisors, students have teachers and even CEOs hire consultants.
They don’t do it alone, so why would you?

You deserve the best help.

I grew my business through trial and error and painstakingly buying product after product.

You can go through the same gruelling ordeal I did, or you can bypass this misery, get instant feedback and have all your problems solved.

Make it easy for yourself to get started & MAXIMISE your chance of success.

So you’ve got a choice to make: Are you going to go it alone? Or are you going to give yourself every chance of success for less than the cost of a night out?

Are you going to try and piece together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and risk being in the same spot in one, two or three month’s time? The choice is yours: Tough it out on your own or book below to be guided and mentored as you start and grow your business.

Disclaimer: The free and paid for content provided on, associated websites and social networks is for information and education only. We are NOT suggesting that you can “get rich quick” from this information or that you will make any money at all. We make no earnings claims whether expressed of implied. Your own success levels vary based on many different factors most of which are beyond our control. We cannot and do not guarantee any earnings. We are not tax or legal advisors and you should satisfy yourself that you are operating legally at all times. We strongly advise that you get independent tax, financial and legal advice before commencing to trade. Any figures that we suggest of potential earnings are just to express our opinion of what could possibly be achieved under exceptional circumstances. Most people will not make any money online. It requires hard work, effort, skill and capital to succeed in this or any other online business. We do not express or imply accuracy of any information. We are not responsible for the use, misuse or abuse of this information. You use this information at your own risk.

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