Amazon FBA Packaging Supplies

Amazon FBA Packaging Supplies

When starting your new Amazon FBA business it can important to know the tricks of the trade in order to speed up you inventory preparation and to make sure your products don't get rejected by Amazon fulfilment centres.

When I first started out some of the stupid reasons I had shipments rejected included:

➤  My products not being in compliant poly bags; and

➤ Because my boxes got damaged during transportation resulting in inventory damage.

You can avoid these beginner mistakes that I made by ensuring that you have the right tools to guarantee success for your business. This will ensure the safe transportation and protection of your inventory on it's way to Amazon.

Perhaps the easiest and most convenient place to purchase your Amazon FBA packaging supplies is Amazon itself.

Below is a list of common tools required in the Amazon FBA seller's toolkit:

Barcode Labels: If you choose to label your items yourself these labels will work with any printer and print 27 labels at a time.

UPS Labels: If you choose to label your items yourself these labels will work with any printer and print 1 label at a time.

Assorted poly bags: These mix-sized poly bags are ideal for first-time users and are printed with mandatory suffocation warnings.

Non-compliant poly bags: These poly bags are cheaper than the above poly bags but will need to have anti-suffocation warnings affixed to the poly bags to make them legally compliant.

Anti-suffocation labels: All your polybags larger than 5” in width must be clearly marked with a suffocation warning in order to be legally compliant.

Sealable poly bags: These 5 x 7.5 inch poly bags are ideal for bagging liquids, gels or fabrics such as soft toys.

Packaging paper: This packaging paper is ideal for stuffing spare spaces in boxes to ensure inventory does not move during shipment and get damaged.

Packaging Tape: This bulk tape helps you save more by buying in bulk and sticks to the boxes and sticks well. Trust me you will need it!

Heavy duty tape dispenser: This is not crucial at the beginning but as your business starts to grow it will really speed up your inventory prep.

Label sticker remover: This stuff is brilliant at removing old price stickers off merchandise.

Box Opener: This makes opening boxes a breeze and works for opening both boxes and plastic product packaging.

Label Printer: When starting out this is not a must have. However, as your business starts to grow and you want to work faster this will become more useful.

Scales: These scales are really useful for weighting your boxes prior to shipment as you don't have to calibrate them – just simply turn the scales on and place the boxes on.

Laser Printer: Amazon requires all label barcodes to printed using a laser printer so the labels don't smudge. A cheap laser printer like this is ideal.

Bubble wrap: This bubble wrap is cheap and is perfect for wrapping fragile items.

Boxes: Double-walled boxes are ideal when shipping inventory due to their extra strength and durability. When I first started out good places for sourcing free boxes are your local supermarket.

Another random but very good place for sourcing boxes for me has been my local dump. They generally have a section for recycled cardboard where a lot of businesses throw out massive boxes.

As your business grows and time becomes more important sourcing cheap strong boxes from Amazon can be more efficient.

Have I missed out a tool or a crucial supply that is critical to the success of your business?  Comment below and let me know what it is and I'll add it to the list.

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