Patents/Trademarks, Copyright & Misleading or Deceptive Advertising With Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer

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CJ Rosenbaum of Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer

Episode Overview

In this episode with CJ Rosenbaum of Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer you will learn about Amazon Intellectual property(“IP) issues such as patents, Trademarks, Copyright & Misleading/Deceptive Advertising infringements including what they are and when/how they typically occur.

Discover how you can protect yourself or defend yourself against such claims and what the best approach to deal with these claims is.

The principals in this podcast apply to both European/UK and US Amazon platforms.

➤ Opening

➤ CJ gave on overview of his background and experience helping eCommerce sellers;

➤ CJ discussed the difference between patents and trademarks;

➤ CJ detailed how patents and trademark infringement occurs;

➤ CJ gave some guidelines for how a seller can determine whether they are infringing on a patent or a trademark;

➤ CJ provided an overview of  how international patent and trademark law applies;

➤ CJ gave an overview of the penalties for infringing a patent or a trademark;

➤ CJ discussed how sellers can protect themselves against claims and protect their rights;

➤ CJ gave an overview of the law of unlawful use of images in the US;

➤ CJ describes described how this law applies and whether it differs between videos and images;

➤ CJ gave an overview about how false and deceptive advertising breaches occurs;

➤ CJ shared guidelines to identify false and deceptive situations;

➤ CJ provided an overview of Copyright Infringement;

➤ CJ answers about giving any example to occur;

➤ CJ discussed the penalty if infringement for Copyright occurs;

➤ CJ provided advice for sellers looking to launch a product on how to avoid possible product infringement;

➤ CJ provided an overview of the services provided by his firm;

➤ CJ provide his contact info for sellers;

➤ CJ commented on how the principals discussed in this podcast were not unique solely to the US; and

➤ Close




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