BHP04 – Ecommerce Business Risk With Voldico Insurance

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James Greaney

Ashlin Hadden - Volidco Insurance

Episode Overview


Episode 004 interviews Ashlin Hadden of Voldico Insurance, a US-based Insurance broker who specialises in protecting e-commerce entrepreneurs from business risk when selling in the US.

This episode is a must listen for US and non-US sellers as it goes over the main risks faced by sellers who operate E-commerce businesses in general.

If you're not unsure, or not even aware of the different business risks you may face when selling in the US, then check out this brief 20-minute podcast on how you can reduce your business risk.

You will also discover the different ways you can minimise your insurance premiums and keep your costs low.



Podcast outline

➤ Overview of who Ashlin Hadden is & her background in insurance;

➤ Overview of the main risks e-commerce entrepreneurs face;

➤ Learn if certain products are harder to insure;

➤ Tips to decrease your insurance premiums;

➤ Do you have to be a US resident to get insurance;

➤ Listener bonus; and

➤ Discover if general liability cover is a requirement when selling on Amazon.






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