BHP05 РFacebook Advertising 101-  Learn How to Drive Facebook Traffic to Your E-commerce Products

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Ben Malol

Ben Malol - Its Ben Malol Here LLC

Episode Overview


Episode 005 interviews Ben Malol of Its Ben Malol Here LLC and owner of The FB Ads Group. Ben is an E-commerce seller who now runs his own Facebook Advertising Agency.

This episode explains the basics of Facebook Advertising (including campaign types as well as an overview of Facebook advertising and the Facebook Pixel), what products work well with Facebook Advertising, which e-commerce ad campaigns work well and how to create Facebook ads that sell.

Ben has also provided links to three of his webinars in the resources section titled:

‚ě§ ¬†The Million Dollar Scaling System, $10k to $150k, The Complete Breakdown

‚ě§ ¬†My 15k a Month Side Business Running Facebook Ads for Clients

‚ě§ ¬†Why Your Facebook Ads Suck, and What you Can Do About It


Podcast outline

‚ě§ Ben's background with Facebook advertising and e-commerce;

‚ě§ Overview of how Facebook works;

‚ě§ I ask are FB ads only useful for people with websites?

‚ě§ Overview of The¬†FB Pixel and how Facebook ad optimisation works;

‚ě§ I ask what about if you have a website but have not installed a Facebook pixel is FB advertising still useful?

‚ě§ Overview of how to target customers and identify target customers;

‚ě§ Learn what types of products sell well using Facebook ads;

‚ě§ Overview of Facebook ad campaigns and when to use each campaign as an e-commerce retailer;

‚ě§ Ben's recommend e-commerce Facebook ad sales strategies;

‚ě§ Tools &¬†resources to optimise your Facebook campaigns;

‚ě§ Types of Facebook ads that work for e-commerce;

‚ě§ Ben's tips for creating Facebook ads; and

‚ě§ Ben's tips, to improve your FB Ad campaigns or remedy the most common mistakes Ben sees; and

‚ě§ Facebook advertising resources that Ben recommends.




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