BHP07 РUnderstanding Selling In Europe Including When To Enrol In PAN European Fulfilment

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Ben Malol

FBA Hero

Episode Overview


Episode 07 features Miguel Gallego from FBA Hero who breaks down some of the pitfalls and issues encountered when selling in Europe. Listen and discover how to reduce your European Fulfilment costs and keep more money in your pocket!

Learn the how and the what of PAN European Fulfilment, when to consider enrolling in this service and what legal obligations you need to obey when enrolling in PAN European Fulfilment.

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Podcast outline

‚짬†Miguel's own personal story and the FBA Hero company story;

‚짬†Selling in Europe explained including the European Fulfilment Network (EFN);

‚짬†What is Pan-European Fulfilment and how does it work;

‚ě§ Learn when you should consider enrolment in the Pan-European network;

‚짬†Learn what¬†registrations and filings are associated with PAN-EU enrolment;

‚ě§ Learn if importation, exportation or additional shipping fees are payable when selling or buying through the EFN or Pan European Networks;

‚ě§ Learn when are importation fees or exportation fees need to be paid by e-commerce sellers;

‚짬†Learn¬†what is VAT;

‚짬†Overview of¬†European VAT'

‚ě§ Learn if¬†VAT registration laws are different for EU registered and non-eu registered entities;

‚짬†Learn if you¬†need to have an accountant in each country you sell in to lodge their VAT returns;

‚짬†Who needs to provide VAT invoices;

‚짬†Overview of the services FBA hero provide?

‚짬†Overview of FBA Hero¬†exclusive special offer for Podcast listeners.




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