BHP08 – Learn How To Outsource Your Product Preparation

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Episode Overview


Episode 08 features Devon Keller From FBA Ship UK. Devon is an FBA seller who also runs his own UK based product preparation centre.

In this episode, Devon gives a quick overview of the product preparation guidelines you need to adhere to when selling on Amazon.

Devon also breaks down the process of how product preparation centres work. How you order your goods, how goods are received, what happens if items are missing, or if goods need to be returned, how items are prepared and sent into Amazon.

Finally, we round up this session with a quick overview of how to ship goods to the UK, what issues overseas and domestic sellers need to take into account when deciding to ship and store goods in the UK.

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Podcast outline

‚ě§ Devon‚Äôs background in e-commerce and product preparation;

‚ě§ Devon provides an overview of product preparation;

‚ě§ I ask Devon where he buys his product¬†preparation supplies from and his favourite prep tools;

‚ě§ I ask Devon for his secrets or tricks to prepping items more efficiently;

‚ě§ Devon explains what a product preparation centre is, how they work and why a seller should use one;

‚ě§ Devon explains how goods are received and what happens if goods are damaged or need to be returned from the preparation centre;

‚ě§ I ask what happens if your item goes missing and who takes responsibility;

‚ě§ Devon explains how long can a customer keep their item at his warehouse;

‚ě§ I ask does Devon if he accepts delivery of all items i.e. grocery and perishables;

‚ě§ Devon explains the process of sending goods from overseas to the UK;

‚ě§ Devon explains freight forwarding;

‚ě§ I ask Devon for his opinion on using shipping alternatives to UPS;

‚ě§ Devon explains the process of how goods get to Amazon from the Prep Centre and how¬†shipments are booked into Amazon;

‚ě§ Devon explains customs duty when shipping to the UK;

‚ě§ Devon explains the services FBA Ship offers; and

‚ě§ Devon provides a special bonus for new accounts.



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