BHP10 – Case Study: How Sean Chow started a 6 figure business from Australia

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Sean Chow

Starting a Business in the US from Overseas with Sean Chow

Episode Overview

In episode 10, I interview Sean Chow a 6 figure Amazon seller. Find out how Sean has managed to start his 6 figure business selling in the US all while living in Australia at the age of 22.

I then go deeper into some of the practical aspects of how Sean went about starting and growing his business in another country without visiting that country.

Lastly, learn some of Sean’s key realisations and lessons that he has learnt along the way.


Podcast outline


➤ Sean's Story;

➤ Sean's business model explained;

➤ I ask Sean about selling in Europe;

➤ How Sean set up his US business from Australia;

➤ How Sean handles his financial transactions and bank accounts;

➤ Did Sean have to set up a US company?

➤ How does Sean source his products and where does he get them delivered to;

➤ How does Sean handle US Sales tax;

➤ Sean's biggest mistake and how to avoid it?

➤ Sean's mentors and resources;

➤ I ask Sean whether he believes the US market is saturated and private label is too competitive for new sellers?

➤ I ask Sean for his advice for new sellers trying to successfully launch a new product in light of the Amazon TOS changes?



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➤ Udemy Copywriting for Pros The course recommended by Sean; and

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