BHP13 – I Want to Make Money Online – Where Should I Start with Matt Hollie From The Secret Wealth Project

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Sean Chow

Matt from The Secret Wealth Project

Episode Overview

In Episode 13, I interview Matt from the Secret Wealth Project. This is a great episode, where we go into the where to start when making money online. Learn which system is best for you from this 8 Figure seller.

Learn about the main online money making system i.e. Affiliate marketing, drop shipping / Shopify, private labelling and Amazon FBA is. Most importantly you'll learn which system is most suited to you as a beginner to start making money online straight away!

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What Online Money Making System Should I Choose Podcast outline

¬†‚ě§ The Secret Wealth Project Story;

‚ě§ Learn¬†about Matt's story;

‚ě§ I ask Matt about¬†what the best system to make money online is for someone who has no idea how to make money online?;

‚ě§ Matt explains¬†what is Shopify, how are people making money, how much money you need to make this system work and what are some of the pitfalls of Shopify?;

‚ě§ Matts tips for approaching how to drive traffic to a Shopify store;¬†

‚ě§ Matt explains¬†what is Amazon FBA, how are people making money, how much money you need to make this system work and what are some of the pitfalls of selling on Amazon?;

‚ě§ Matt's view of the easiest money making system for beginners;

‚ě§ Matt's most common business mistakes that he sees and how to avoid them;

‚ě§ Matt's view on¬†why he think's people haven't¬†had the success he's had;

‚ě§ Matt's view on¬†what to do if you're putting in the work and you're not getting the results;

‚ě§ Matt's view on¬†paid training, mentors and resources;

‚ě§ I ask Matt should beginners focus on learning what system or trying to dip their toes into a few different systems;

‚ě§ Matt's training and courses; and

‚ě§ Where Matt sees the future of Amazon, Shopify and e-commerce going.


‚ě§ Gain your exclusive one month Shopify trial¬†when you sign up to Shopify¬†using my affiliate link.¬†Note the standard trial is 14 days.

‚ě§ Oberlo – Used to import products into Shopify;



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