Understanding The Basics of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Online Coin Currency Investing

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Understanding Cryptocurrency with Siam Kidd

Episode Overview

In Episode 29, we interview a full-time professional investor and trader Siam Kidd from the Realistic Trader to explore the hottest investment opportunity at the moment: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

Listen and learn about one of the hugest changes in technology since the Internet which is going to revolutionise the way we live and work. Learn why Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment is such a hot topic right now and how you can invest and gain a piece of these amazing returns. Discover the answer to key questions such as:

➤ What are cryptocurrencies or what coins should you buy??

➤ What is a good cryptocurrency coin investment strategy?

➤ What is the difference between different crypto coins?

➤ What is Bitcoin?

➤ What are cryptocurrencies and how do cryptocurrencies work?

➤ What is blockchain technology?

➤ What is the future of cryptocurrency?

➤ What is Bitcoin mining?

➤ What are the best crypto currency coin exchanges?

➤ Cryptocurrency cold storage explained.

➤ Introduction

➤ Siam shared a little about his background as an investor, trader and the success he's had.

➤ I asked Siam about his motivation and what the driving force behind him becoming a full-time trader.

➤ Siam explained the difference between trading and investing and why he only invests in Cryptocurrency.

➤Siam explained what is Cryptocurrency, how it works and how it differs from the normal currency.

➤ Siam discussed how Cryptocurrencies are bought, sold and traded along with his recommended trading platforms.

➤ I asked Siam about the difference between buying coins and mining.

➤ Siam discussed the main drivers of cryptocurrency coin movements and its continuous growth.

➤ I asked Siam if there is a cap on the available supply of coins and what will happen if there is such.

➤ Siam shared his insights about the best coins to buy and the difference between each type of coins

➤ Siam explained the different ways to buy coins.

➤ Siam provided the ways on how to set up an account and the timeframe to set it up.

➤ I asked Siam if you can still purchase Bitcoin if you don’t have £2,000.

➤ Siam discussed the different ways to store the coins and how these methods differ.

➤ [36:10] Siam shared his different investment strategies and the type of coins that are suited to these strategies.

➤ I asked Siam about the biggest mistakes he sees investors or traders making who are just getting started and how can they avoid them.

➤ Siam gave the best resources to learn about the different coins for us to stay up to date with changes in cryptocurrency.

➤ Siam shared some details about the e-commerce course that he offers that can help people get started in investing and trading with Cryptocurrencies and the results his clients are getting out of it.

➤ I asked Siam for his contact details.

➤ [48:10] Siam shared his thoughts about the future of Cryptocurrency.

➤ — End —



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➤Research Coins at https://www.coingecko.com/en

➤Stay up to date with Crypto news here: https://cointelegraph.com/

➤ Purchase Siam's course here

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