BHP02 How to Choose Private Label Products That Sell   


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Chris Jones - Zon Life Success

Episode Overview

Episode 002 interviews Chris Jones of Zon Life Success a self-taught private label entrepreneur. Chris' expertise includes selling over £300k of Amazon products in his first 18 months of trading, entrepreneur coaching and kindle publishing.

Learn from Chris the secrets of choosing physical e-commerce products that will sell and continue to sell no matter what your sales channel. Discover the factors to a successful Amazon product launch with Chris' bonus interview, as well as get a free coaching session with Chris if you buy his new Amazon course through my affiliate here.

Podcast outline

‚짬†Overview of who Chris Jones is and what private labelling is;

‚ě§ Chris' rules for private label product selection perfection;

‚ě§ Chris' biggest failure and how to avoid it;

‚짬†How to determine when you are ready to launch a second, third or fourth product;

‚짬†The tools Chris uses for product selection;

‚짬†I ask Chris whether he prefers to choose additional products to sell in the same category or different categories;

‚ě§ Chris' view on the future of private label selling on Amazon;

‚짬†I ask do¬†private label sellers have to be constantly launching new products to stay ahead of the competition?

‚ě§ Chris' mentors and useful resources;

‚짬† How to decide whether coaching or DIY / teaching yourself private label selling by watching Youtube and joining facebook groups is the way to go; and

‚짬†Overview of Chris'¬†courses The Amazon Superstar and Product Selection Perfection.

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Google Trends – Analyse and spot past, current and future trends















Chris has kindly completed a bonus interview of what his strategies for a successful Amazon product launch in light of the recent Amazon terms of selling changes.

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