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We interview different entrepreneurs to break down key components of their business success for your benefit. So you can apply what works and avoid their mistakes.

Starting a business is tough! When you first startup, you don't just need to know about your product or service, but other skills like building an audience, selling, copywriting, accounting, SEO the list is endless.

So why not learn from the experts we interview and shortcut your way to success. Our subject matter experts and case studies can help you skyrocket your results and ensure your business is on the right path!

Episode Show Notes & Bonuses

Episode Show Notes & Bonuses

BHP31 – Shopify Store Supplier & Product Selection with James Beattie of Ecom Insiders

In Episode 31, we interview Ecom Insiders owner James Beattie a 20 year old entrepreneur who has sold over USD 1 Million in sales in just over a year through Shopify Dropshipping.

In this episode, James and I discuss where to source products for your Shopify online ecommerce store, how to choose suppliers and most importantly how to go about identifying products that are trending and selling well.

We then cap it off by learning about how to deal with refunds, exchanges and a brief overview on how to tell when you're onto a winner and when to scale your ad.

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BHP30 – Starting your first Shopify Store with Nick Peroni of Ecom Empires

In Episode 30, we shift gears and start exploring another how to make money online money making system. Learn how to build an online business through Shopify, where I interview e-commerce titan Nick Peroni of Ecom Empires.

In this podcast, we start off right from the beginning and learn about the Shopify money making system, how to build/design your store, whether to start off your store as a general store or a niche store and more!

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BHP28 How to Get Ungated on Amazon with Karen Summer of

In Episode 28, I interview Karen Summer of so you can learn the secrets of how to get ungated in those difficult restricted Amazon categories in order to expand your product offerings on Amazon platform.
Getting ungated on Amazon platforms is the easiest and fastest way to grow your Amazon business and sell in product categories that have less competition which will allow you to make more profits.

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BHP32 – Tactical Arbitrage Automated Online Arbitrage Sourcing Software For Amazon FBA

In Episode 32, we interview Alex Moss creator of Tactical Arbitrage. Tactical Arbitrage is a revolutionary automated sourcing software that will scan retailer listings to automatically find you profitable deals to resell on Amazon.

Tactical Arbitrage now comes with an advanced custom store scan feature that allows you to add any store you want to scan.

Alex has kindly given you an exclusive 14-day trial to try out this software. Simply use the code “HACKER14” at checkout and trial his software for an extra 7 days. Get your Tactical Arbitrage trial here.

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BHP27 Growing & Scaling An Arbitrage Amazon Business & USA Product Preparation

In Episode 27, I interview Michael Zoril where we discuss the secrets and systems behind how Michael went from taking 22 months to sell his first $1 million in his arbitrage business to only 4 months to his second million dollars.

We then dig deeper into one of the key secrets behind Michael's success & discover how USA product preparation works in the States.

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BHP26 Expanding Your Business into the USA with Sylvia Dion

Listen and learn about the key rules, regulations and considerations that you need to take into account of when looking to expand and start selling in the U.S. In this episode, we touch on if a US Company is required, double taxation agreements, sales taxes, EIN numbers and more!

By the end of this episode, you will know what the common rules and regulations that you need to be aware of when expanding into the U.S. and if you still have questions you’ll know exactly who to ask for a professional opinion!

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BHP25 – Hiring Virtual Assistants: The Secret to Growing Your Business

In Episode 25, I interview the co-founders of the Balancing Act PA to hack the secrets of hiring Virtual Assistants, the secret source that you can use to grow your business without killing yourself!

Learn their tips on how to successfully prepare your business, hire your first assistant and then onboard your VA to ensure that they smoothly transition into the role with maximum speed and efficiency.

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BHP24 Learn How to Grow Your Instagram Account & Generate Leads with Leon Benjamin of Triple Your Tribe

In Episode 24, I interview Leon Benjamin from Triple Your Tribe who is an Instagram growth consultant who literally helps entrepreneurs to triple their tribe and grow their Instagram following.

Leon explains how to use Instagram properly to grow your account following properly by engaging with followers, using hashtags as well as how to post pictures that really engage properly and result in lead generation and explosive account growth!

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BHP23 – Buying & Selling Your Online Business with Justin Cooke of Empire Flippers

In Episode 21, I interview Justin Cooke of Empire Flippers about Buying and Selling Online Businesses. Learn about how the sale process works. How much trading history you need before you can sell your business, and how you can sell your business even if you have kept poor records.
Finally learn about what types of online businesses fetch the most money, what sort of money you can expect to make when you sell your business. We then wrap up the podcast with tips on how to negotiate better deals when buying businesses.

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BHP22 – The Stitch Leggings Case Study with Tom Hunt

In Episode 22, this podcast interviews Tom Hunt a full stack entrepreneur who started his online money making journey by launching his own Shopify / private label product range.
Discover why he took this approach and the key lessons he has learned on his journey from starting his e-commerce business, building and selling his own website and writing and releasing his own book.

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BHP21 – How To Make Money Selling Wholesale – The Ecommerce Wholesale Blueprint with Jamie Miralles

In Episode 21, we interview Jamie Miralles an Ecommerce entrepreneur who has sold over USD 100 MILLION through selling Wholesale. Learn how this Monster went from selling on Ebay part time to selling over USD100 Million in Sales mostly on Amazon.

Discover the secrets of how to find wholesale suppliers and how to grow an Amazon wholesaling business in this podcast.

We have literally distilled and uncovered the key lessons that Jamie has learnt throughout his 20 years of selling online for your benefit.

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BHP20 – Growth Hacking Part 2 with Dan Stephenson of Digital Growth Hackers

In Episode 20, the second of this two-part series on growth hacking I interview Dan Stephenson of Digital Growth Hackers. Dan runs a digital growth hacking business where he helps entrepreneurs grow their online digital audiences.

This episode will teach you how to get more bang for your buck with your marketing spend!

Learn about different methods (both paid and unpaid), tool and tips to grow your audiences in an automated and hands-on way. We also discuss different ideas and ways to run viral campaigns and campaigns to rapidly grow your audience in a low-cost effective way!

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BHP19 – Growth Hacking with Vin Clancy To Get Cheap or Free Website Traffic

In this episode with Vin Clancy a first of a two-part series on growth hacking and building online audiences we are going to deep dive into growth hacking.

Vin is an entrepreneur, author, public speaker and consultant who travels the world consulting with small business right up to multi-million dollar companies to grow their audiences and revenues.

We are going to discuss ways on how to generate free or very low-cost traffic to your website/product/service.In this episode, we also cover some growth hacks on how to get emails to build your email lists quicker in order to build Facebook Lookalike audiences, optimise website conversions.

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BHP18 – Patents/Trademarks, Copyright & Misleading or Deceptive Advertising With Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer

Episode 18 – Amazon Intellectual Property Issues With Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer. Learn about Amazon Intellectual property(“IP) issues such as patents, Trademarks, Copyright & Misleading/Deceptive Advertising infringements including what they are and when/how they typically occur.

Discover how you can protect yourself or defend yourself against such claims and what the best approach to deal with these claims is.

The principals in this podcast apply to both European/UK and US Amazon platforms.

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BHP17 Amazon Private Label Product Selection with Greg Mercer of Jungle Scout

In this mammoth episode with Amazon giant Greg Mercer of Jungle Scout, we cover product selection criteria for both beginners AND advanced sellers looking to sell on Amazon.

Greg also discusses his views on product selection tips for different Amazon markets, Greg’s approach on how to create and build your own Amazon team.

We then go into Greg’s advice on how to launch an Amazon product and Greg’s opinion on the best markets to launch in and then finally rounding up with what to do if you want to sell your Amazon Business.

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BHP15 Understanding Arbitrage Selling in the US with Mat Gunnufson

In Episode 14, I interview Mat Gunnufson an US-based arbitrage-only seller who has sold over $1m worth of goods on Amazon.

We go into detail about how he runs his business, from sourcing stock, to coping with brand and order restrictions, sending in shipments and finishing off with the what Mat believes the future of arbitrage selling will look like.

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BHP14 – Understanding Accounting For Ecommerce and Sales Tax In the US With Mike Johnston of Peinser & Company

In Episode 14, I interview Michael Flemming of Peisner Johnson and Company where we go into the different Accounting rules and regulations that US and non-US E-commerce sellers need to be aware of when selling in the US.
We go into when to register for sales tax, what the main taxation obligations are in the US as well as choosing appropriate legal structures.
Gain an exclusive 10% Sales tax consultation discount with Michael Flemming of Peisner Johnson and Company who can advise you on choosing appropriate legal structures, as well as when and what states you need to register for sales tax, by using my referral link and the referral code “PreferredClient”.

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BHP11 – Understanding US Sales Tax and How to Solve This Problem with Taxjar

In episode 11, I interview CEO Mark Faggiano of Taxjar who breaks down who needs to pay sales tax, when you may need to pay sales tax and then lastly Mark presents the Taxjar solution.

A hassle free solution that allows sellers to take US sales tax compliance off their plate and onto Taxjar's plate without it costing an arm and a leg. Better still, Taxjar even provides an accuracy guarantee to keep you getting fined or out of jail!!

Gain your exclusive 10% discount when you sign up to Taxjar using my affiliate link AND use the discount code “BUSINESSHACKER”.

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BHP10 – Case Study: How Sean Chow started a 6 figure business from Australia

In this episode, I interview Sean Chow a 6 figure seller and find out how Sean has managed to start his 6 figure Amazon business selling in the US all while living in Australia at the age of 22.

In this episode we examine some of the practical aspects of how Sean went about starting and growing his business in another country without visiting that country.

Learn some of Sean’s key realisations and lessons that he has learnt along the way.

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BHP09 – Amazon Listing Optimisation, Keyword Research & PPC Advertising Decoded

Episode 09 features Dan Moody of Dan is a listing optimisation specialist and global private label seller who sells in the UK, Europe, the US and Japan.

This episode breaks down how to optimise your Amazon private label listings, including conducting private label product keyword research so customers can actually find your products.

Finally, we wrap this podcast up with an overview of how Paid Per Click (“PPC”) advertising works.

Lastly, don't forget to check out the bonus video demonstration where Dan demonstrates how to perform keyword research using different tools to identify the search terms customers are using to locate your products and competitor's products on Amazon.

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BHP08 – Outsourcing Your Product Preparation With Product Preparation Centre Owner Devon Keller of FBA Ship UK

Episode 08 features Devon Keller From FBA Ship UK. Devon is an FBA seller who also runs his own UK based product preparation centre.

In this episode, Devon gives a quick overview of the product preparation guidelines you need to adhere to when selling on Amazon.

Devon also breaks down the process of how product preparation centres work. How you order your goods, how goods are received, what happens if items are missing, or if goods need to be returned, how items are prepared and sent into Amazon.

Finally, we round up this session with a quick overview of how to ship goods to the UK, what issues overseas and domestic sellers need to take into account when deciding to ship and store goods in the UK.

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BHP07 – Understanding Selling In Europe Including When To Enroll In PAN European Fulfilment

Episode 07 features Miguel Gallego from FBA Hero who breaks down some of the pitfalls and issues encountered when selling in Europe.

Discover how to reduce your European Fulfilment costs and keep more money in your pockets.

Learn what PAN European Fulfilment is, when to consider enrolling in this service and what legal obligations you need to obey when enrolling in PAN European Fulfilment.

Use my affiliate link to gain a special 33% discount available only to my Podcast listeners.

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BHP06 – Learn About The Importance of Product/Business Branding & How Websites Work

Episode 006 interviews George Katsiouras, a graphic and website designer. This episode explains the importance of branding, as well as design and how you can use both, to increase your sales and grow your business.

The episode then covers how to effectively position and build a brand that resonates with your target customer, before wrapping up by explaining how websites work and some easy tools for first timers to build your website.

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BHP05 – Learn How to Use Facebook Advertising to Drive Traffic to your E-commerce Business

Episode 005 interviews Ben Malol of Its Ben Malol Here LLC and owner of The FB Ads Group. Ben is an E-commerce seller and runs his own Facebook advertising Agency.

This episode explains the basics of Facebook advertising. Discover how to drive customers towards your e-commerce products, what types of ad campaigns work and how to create successful Facebook ads.

Ben has also provided some free webinar training for listeners to check out.

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BHP04 – Understanding Ecommerce Business Risk with Volidco Insurance

Episode 004 interviews Ashlin Hadden of Voldico Insurance. If you're unsure or not even aware of the different e-commerce business risks you may face when selling in the US then this episode is for you.

In this brief episode, discover the different risks you may be exposed to and how you can reduce your business risk. Discover the different ways you can minimise your insurance premiums by avoiding selling certain products.

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BHP02 – How to Choose Private Label Products with Chris Jones of Zon Life Success

Episode 002 interviews Chris Jones of Zon Life Success, a self-taught private label entrepreneur. Chris’ expertise includes selling over £300k of Amazon products in his first 18 months of trading.

Learn from Chris the secrets of choosing physical e-commerce products to private label that continue to sell no matter what your sales channel.

Discover the secrets to a successful Amazon product launch with Chris’ bonus interview as well as get a free coaching session with Chris if you buy his new Amazon course here through my affiliate.

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BHP01 How to write Amazon listings that sell with Michael Witcoff of Level Up Copy

Episode 001 interviews Michael Witcoff of Level Up Copy a direct response marketing expert. Michael's expertise includes helping e-commerce sellers create compelling advertising that makes customers buy their products. Discover from Michael the secrets to writing better Amazon product listings. Learn the secrets of writing better E-commerce listings that actually sell no matter what your sales channel.

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