BuyBotPro Review: Ecommerce Must or Scam?

Tactical Arbitrage

Everyone knows reselling and flipping products on Amazon can make you easy money.

However, what they don’t tell you is that the secret to being able to run a proper Amazon FBA business lies in the sourcing of items.

While time does equal money, the quality of your purchasing decisions is of critical importance to make sure you don't stuck with crappy inventory that doesn't sell.

Finding profitable items that sell quickly is key, otherwise, you are just a busy fool making Amazon richer.

Today we are going to examine whether BuyBotPro can add any value to you or your virtual assistant's sourcing.

The key to success as an Amazon FBA seller can usually be put down to a few key factors:

➤ Finding profitable items to resell.

➤ Ensuring purchased items can be resold quickly to generate profits; and

Understanding the level of competition surrounding a product.

The faster you can repeat the above process, the quicker you grow your business and your income.

Finding products can be really tricky to get right because figuring out which products to buy and which to ignore takes time, effort and a lot of manual calculations.

Believe me when i say it is so easy to buy the wrong stock!

This is where sourcing tools like BuyBotPro come in!

BuyBotPro is a sourcing tool that helps Amazon FBA sellers like you figure out which products they should be focusing on buying in order to make a profit.

While taking into all the other factors other than price that need to be weighed up in order to arrive at the correct purchasing decision.

This is especially key when you move towards scaling and outsourcing your business to virtual assistants.

BuyBotPro quickly and easily allows these assistants to quickly do all the leg work for you with less chance of errors.

Freeing up your time for higher order thinking tasks for your business such as business plan strategy and execution. 

In this article, we’re going to dissect BuyBotPro with surgical precision so that you can help decide whether BuyBotPro can help your business.

What Is BuyBotPro? 

From the above, you can probably see that BuyBotPro is a deal analysis/sourcing tool that adds a calculator and analyser to your Amazon page.

The idea is that you put together a shortlist of potential purchases either manually, or through the use of a software generated scanning tool such as Tactical Arbitrage.

BuyBotPro then casts its AI-driven eye over the potential purchases to give you key statistics and recommendations to help you improve the quality of your purchasing decisions 

BuyBotPro also has a profit calculator, sales predictor and competition stock reviewer.

BuyBotPro is an Amazon sourcing tool designed by Amazon sellers for Amazon Sellers.

But have they got it right with this product?

Let’s take a closer look.

Key Features of BuyBotPro 

Profit Calculator 

Amazon profit calculators can be hit and miss.

When you need them to provide an accurate estimate, they fall short.

This puts you at a massive disadvantage as it can cause you to think you are going to more profit than you actually do!

BuyBotPro’s profit calculator pictured above seems to be mostly on the money and works quickly to give you the key metrics you need.

BuyBotPro calculates the Amazon fees, break even price and Return on investment (“ROI”) all within a matter of seconds.

Sales Rank Analysis

A product’s sales rank tells you how well a product is selling on Amazon.

You can find this on the product page itself, but that just means more time and effort on your part to hunt for the information. 

BuyBotPro puts the sales rank where you can see it, and it also tells you where the product lies in its category in terms of how fast or how slow its selling compared to similar products.

This is really useful informational, although it’s also par for the course in this type of tool.

However, where we think BuyBotPro stands out is also shows you historical product sales data to help you determine whether a product is seasonal.

Sales rank’s consistency is crucial if you are going to make big inventory purchases.

In other words, whether or not it’s expected to keep selling well, or whether those sales are just part of a trend and will therefore tail off soon. 

BuyBotPro helpfully provides this information through the use of the BSR% P. (p for predictive) which uses their private algorithm to predict the further sales rank of the item.

Seller Eligibility & Restrictions

It’d be great if we could sell whatever we want.

Unfortunately, you’ll find that some product categories that are off-limits to you and the last thing you want to do is purchase a bunch of stock that you can't sell

This is not always easy to identify – unless you use a sourcing tool like BuyBotPro .

BuyBotPro lets you know whether or not you are eligible to sell specific products.

The product contains hazardous materials, that may be hard to send by post, or whether there are potential copyright issues.

This feature highlighted above is designed to save you a lot of time, as it takes a look at the eligibility of your personal account, as well as whether or not an item can even be sold via Amazon FBA.

Competition Analysis 

BuyBotPro also allows you to see the price and sales rank of the item  you wish to sell on other Amazon selling platforms.

Suggested Purchase Quantity Recommendations

One of things new Amazon FBA sellers struggle with determining is how much stock they should buy.

Do you buy loads of items or just a handful of items? 

BuyBotPro, has a proprietary algorithm that helps give you guidance on what they recommend you should buy.

While this feature removes the guesswork and shows you how many items of a particular product you should buy.

Since BuyBotPro  don't tell you the basis for their prediction we recommend you test this feature carefully and apply some common sense.

You still need to make the final call yourself and we aren’t sure how good the AI is. 

However, what we’d also say is that we haven’t found any other tool that has this kind of feature and overtime as BuyBotPro collects more data the recommendations will only improve. 

Ways You Can Use BuyBotPro For Gain 

Avoid Bad Buys Via A More Efficient Vetting Process

One of the best things we’ve seen users get out of BuyBotPro is that they have been able to avoid bad buys.

In other words, they’re using BuyBotPro to pick better-selling products so that they’re no longer wasting time and cash tied up in products that just don’t sell. 

This is made possible by the BuyBotPro Score feature pictured above.

Each time you’ve got a product you’re not sure about, BuyBotPro gives it a rating from Low to Very Good.

You can also customise your settings so that – for example – the tool takes into consideration the profit you’re looking at and creates a suitable rating relevant to your needs and goals. 

Again, we recommend that you proceed with caution and use a healthy dose of common sense and testing when using this function.

Record Your Buys 

Do you usually record your buys and sales on a Google or excel spreadsheet?

It’s certainly one way of doing it, but each time you make a sale, you have to manually enter all the information related to the product, revenue, cost, profit, buy box price etc. 

Naturally, recording your buys and maintaining a spreadsheet is essential if you want to keep track of expected deliveries, stock expenses and of course whether you are actually profitable!

However, BuyBotPro lets you export the key info related to each sale straight from Chrome through using the export link above.

This saves you a lot of time and prevents you from making mistakes and reduces the time spent on administration processes through producing simple tables like below. 

Keep Tabs On The Competition

This brilliant feature shows you who else is selling the same product, the monthly sales, the price per unit, as well as the available stock.

It also shows you the background behind each seller in a “top 10” list and allows you to determine your chance of winning the buybox.

You’ll be able to see how well they’re selling, their seller rating, as well as how many reviews (good and bad) they have.

BuyBotPro also lets you see who else is selling a particular product and the amount of inventory they have.

This way, you can check to see if they’re new sellers (who are easier to ‘dethrone’) or if they’re more established.

As such, you can use BuyBotPro to calculate which of your rivals you should try to outdo, BuyBotPro also allows you to identify products that you should probably stay away from selling.

These are all key metrics that can help you determine the quality of the competition. Allowing you to execute a stronger game plan in terms of what to do next.  

As you are probably starting to see BuyBotPro is a great tool that summarises all the key information you need to know nice and quickly which is invaluable.

Super user friendly

BuyBotPro is really designed with the user experience in mind.

Almost everywhere you hove your mouse over, heaps of additional useful information reveals itself like the above which helps give you even more information to make better decisions.

This is another reason why we recommend you trial the product for the 14 days just to see all the features BuyBotPro has.

Specialist Facebook Group 

Creators Matt and Karen have their very own specialist Facebook group dedicated to the tool.

It’s really active and ideal for anyone who’s new to selling on Amazon to provide them with additional avenues of support. 

New Features Being Added Regularly 

The developers listen to feedback and are constantly improving and adding new features with regular updates.

This includes the launch of a new mobile app to allow you to source on the go.

Costs of BuyBotPro

Step 1 – Decide between a monthly or annual subscription

The first real decision you need to decide is between a monthly or an annual subscription.

We recommend that if you are relatively new to the program, is to go with a monthly subscription.

If all you have done is only used a 14 day trial this may not have been long enough to decide whether this is truly for you.

Our advice would be to pay for the product for a month or two so you gain the flexibility to truly test out BuyBotPro.

The billing options are available in either Great British Pounds or United States Dollars:

 BuyBotPro ANNUAL Plan without Suspension Safeguard GBP 24.95/USD 34.95; or 

BuyBotPro ANNUAL Plan with Suspension Safeguard GBP 34.95/ USD 44.95

When you have decided that BuyBotPro is truly a product for you then go ahead and make an annual purchase .

The billing options are again available in either Great British Pounds or United States Dollars:

BuyBotPro ANNUAL Plan without Suspension Safeguard GBP 259/USD 359; or 

BuyBotPro ANNUAL Plan with Suspension Safeguard GBP 359 USD 479

Step 2 – Decide whether to purchase BuyBotPro Suspension Safeguard

Suspension Safeguard is a service that is offered by BuyBotPro's sister company, GetUnSuspended, that helps you get unsuspended on Amazon if Amazon suspend your selling privileges for violating Amazon’s terms of selling.

We honestly do not think the Suspension safeguard is a service worth paying for.

If you play by Amazon’s selling rules, you shouldn't need to factor in the cost of getting unsuspended into your business operating model. 

But if you feel more comfortable with this insurance policy, then go ahead by all means

The only difference between the two tiers is Suspension Safeguard.

Step 3 – Copy your BuyBotPro Licence key

Once you've completed your purchase make sure you write down your license key and then select and copy it.

Step 4 – Install BuyBotPro For Google Chrome

Next simply head to the google chrome store here to download and install BuyBotPro.

Note you will need to have the Google Chrome Webrowser installed to use BuyBotPro

Step 5 – Input licence key and email

Head to any Amazon page and look for the BuyBotPro toolbar and paste in your licence key and enter your email address.

Once you hit validate licence key the program should begin to work.

Step 6 – Head To Amazon and make sure it is working

Verdict: Should you signup to BuyBotPro?

BuyBotPro  is most definitely not a scam.

It’s a 100% legit sourcing tool created by people who are passionate about Amazon FBA reselling and actively own and operate their own Amazon businesses in the space.

Should you sign up?

We think you should and here’s why:

We believe that you should constantly be test driving different products to see if there are ways you can improve the way you run your business.

Otherwise you don't know what you don't know.

Being agile in the way you run your business will help you do things more efficiently and ultimately become more profitable.

Especially when you get a FREE 14-day trial it would be crazy at the very least not to test drive BuyBotPro for free.

Use the FREE 14-day BuyBotPro trial to speed up your sourcing and at the end of it, if you think it’s garbage just cancel your subscription.

No harm done! 

But most of all don’t be fooled by any reviews on the website, do your own research and discover the truth for yourself in a risk free manner with the 14-day BuyBotPro Trial.

Click here to start your trial today.

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