Product Preparation In The USA & Growing & Scaling Your Amazon Business with Michael Zoril

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Product Preparation in the USA & Scaling Your Amazon Arbitrage Business


Episode Overview


In Episode 27, I interview Michael Zoril where we discuss the secrets and systems behind how Michael went from taking 22 months to sell his first $1 million in his arbitrage business to only 4 months to his second million dollars.

We then dig deeper into one of the key secrets behind Michael's success & discover how USA product preparation works in the States.

➤ Introduction

➤ Michael revealed his background as an entrepreneur, his achievements and how he started getting involved with Amazon.

➤ Michael provided an overview of his Amazon business model/

➤ Michael outlined the main drivers of his massive business growth.

➤ I asked Michael about how his business systems had changed from inception to the present.

➤ Michael discussed the realities of growing an Amazon business like his while working full time.

➤ Michael provided advice about how to scale and whether placing large inventory orders was necessary.

➤ Michael provided an overview of how product preparation occurred in the U.S. and outlined the difference between tax-free States and taxable states in the U.S.

➤ Michael shares information about how he deals with product returns and his recommendations for U.S. prep centers.

➤ Close.


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