Growth Hacking Part 2 with Dan Stephenson of Digital Growth Hackers

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Daniel Stephenson - Digital Growth Hackers

Episode Overview

In Episode 20, the second of this two-part series on growth hacking I interview Dan Stephenson of Digital Growth Hackers (if you've missed on part one of growth hacking, check out part one with Vin Clancy). Dan runs a digital growth hacking business where he helps entrepreneurs grow their online digital audiences.

This episode will teach you how to get more bang for your buck with your marketing spend!

Learn about different methods (both paid and unpaid), tool and tips to grow your audiences in an automated and hands-on way. We also discuss different ideas and ways to run viral campaigns and campaigns to rapidly grow your audience in a low-cost effective way!

➤ Opening

➤ Daniel provided an overview of his background ;

➤ I asked Daniel about his background of being an entrepreneur and how he manage the world of growing digital audiences?

➤ What is Digital Growth Hacking?

➤ How is growing audience can help entrepreneurs such as e-commerce;

➤ I asked Daniel about his opinion on many ways that are available for entrepreneurs to grow their online audiences;

➤ Daniel provided his views about some of the biggest mistakes that he saw with users on trying to grow their audience and how can it be avoided;

➤ Dave shared his tips for creating viral competitions and increasing audience engagement with content and other ways as well that works best;

➤I asked Daniel about his idea on how to manage messaging to people who are not interested and getting engagement?

➤ Daniel provided his guidelines for using the right platforms that worked better for a specific business type;

➤ Daniel gave his recommendations for the best tools for conducting audience insight analysis on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter;

➤ I asked Daniel for his recommendation for finding resources for aspiring growth hackers or entrepreneurs who wanted to grow their business;

➤ Daniel provided the services that his agency offers;

➤ Daniel gave his opinion about roles of a customer, audience targeting analysis and determining the best markets or audience to target;

➤ The service for start-ups for all sort of audiences;

➤ Daniel shared his contact information for his listeners;

➤ I asked Daniel for a last comment about his views of future growing online audiences; and

➤ Close





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Vyper – Grow your email list & traffic with our toolkit of lead capture marketing tools; and

Audiense – Conduct audience insight analysis.



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