Growth Hacking With Vin Clancy To Get Cheap Or Free Website tracking

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Vin Clancy - Growth Hacking Audiences

Episode Overview

In this episode with Vin Clancy a first of a two-part series on growth hacking and building online audiences we are going to deep dive into ways to build website audiences on a budget or with little to no money.

Vin is an entrepreneur, author, public speaker and consultant who travels the world consulting with small business right up to multi-million dollar companies to grow their audiences and revenues.

We are going to discuss ways on how to generate free or very low-cost traffic to your website/product/service.

In this episode, we also cover some growth hacks on how to get emails to build your email lists quicker in order to build Facebook Lookalike audiences, optimise website conversions.

Finally, we cover the importance of copywriting and Vin's rules for success.

➤ Opening

➤ Do you have any tips for growing an email list really quickly in order to plug it into Facebook

➤ What would be your top tips to acquire new customer leads cheaply?

➤ What about platforms alternative to Facebook would you recommend to try an acquire new customers?

➤ I ask Vin do you think approaching bloggers to promote your products is effective?

➤ Vin provided an over of his best website Conversion tips?

➤ I ask Vin how important is copywriting in e-commerce?

➤ Vin provided an overview of his copywriting rules for success

➤ Vin outlined the biggest mistakes he sees entrepreneurs make when starting a new business;

➤  Vin provided an overview of how to find mentors and connect with them;

➤ I asked Vin his top rules for success;

➤ The importance of dieting;

➤ Vin detailed the best way to contact him; and

➤ Close




Hunter – is the easiest way to find professional email addresses. Give a domain name and get the list of all the emails related to it found on the internet.

Queueat – Build power viral campaigns to get visitors to your websites;

Vyper – Grow your email list & traffic with our toolkit of lead capture marketing tools; and

My Notetaking Nerd – A cool resource for getting summary notes from expensive courses.


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