EP 25 – Virtual Assistants: The Secret to Growing Your Busines



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The Balancing Act PA

Episode Overview

In Episode 25, I interview the co-founders of the Balancing Act PA to hack the secrets of hiring Virtual Assistants, the secret source that you can use to grow your business without killing yourself!

Learn their tips on how to successfully prepare your business, hire your first assistant and then onboard your VA to ensure that they smoothly transition into the role with maximum speed and efficiency.

Show Outline

➤ Introduction

➤ The Rachel's shared their background as entrepreneurs.

➤ Rachel provided an overview of why a company should consider hiring a Virtual Assistant.

➤ Rachel detailed when a business should hire a VA?

➤ I asked Rachel if she had any advice for business owners on how to prepare themselves/their business prior to hiring a virtual assistant;

➤ Rachel outlined how a business can protect themselves security wise when dealing with virtual assistants.

➤ Rachel detailed the steps an entrepreneur should do before, during and after hiring a VA.

.➤ Rachel shared her opinion on the pros and cons of hiring Western versus cheaper Asian or Indian foreign labour.

➤ Rachel outlined the best places to find, and hire a VA.

➤ I asked Rachel for her recommendation on the best payment methods and when one should pay their VAs.

➤ Rachel outlined the services the Balancing Act PA provided.

➤ Rachel provided the best way to contact the Balancing Act PA

➤ Close


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