How to Get Ungated In Restricted Amazon Product Categories

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Karen Summer -


Episode Overview

In Episode 28, I interview Karen Summer of so you can learn the secrets of how to get ungated in those difficult restricted Amazon categories in order to expand your product offerings on Amazon platform.

Getting ungated on Amazon platforms is the easiest and fastest way to grow your Amazon business and sell in product categories that have less competition which will allow you to make more profits.


‚ě§ Introduction

‚ě§ Karen shared about her background.

‚ě§ Karen explained why getting ungated is so important.

‚ě§ Karen explained the different types of product restrictions and whether they vary from country to country.

‚ě§ I asked Karen why category restrictions occur?

‚ě§ Karen provided an overview of the main restricted categories and explained if it‚Äôs possible to lift these restrictions.

‚ě§ Karen gave some recommendations to sellers about when to get ungated.

‚ě§ I asked Karen about the criteria one should meet to become ungated.

‚ě§ Karen mentioned the common mistakes she sees sellers make when ungating.

‚ě§ I asked Karen if the legal structure of a business makes a difference to your chances of ungating success.

‚ě§ Karen gave her recommendations on the minimum quantities, special types of retailers, invoices and best suppliers.

‚ě§ I asked Karen how can she help customers who are based outside he country who wished to be ungated and whether she assists customers with getting ungated across all Amazon platforms.

‚ě§ Karen explained the success she’s had for her clients.

‚ě§ Karen provided the best way to contact her.

‚ě§ End.


  • You can get in contact with Karen and view her services here.


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