BHP03 РHow to Build a Private Label Brand off Amazon   


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James Greaney

James Greaney- Internet Biz Uni

Episode Overview


Episode 003 interviews James Greaney of Internet Biz Uni, a UK-based private label entrepreneur who sells in both Europe and the US. In this episode, James breaks down how he has gone about building a brand off Amazon using sites like Shopify as well as getting his products into physical retail stores.

Also learn from James' nightmare experience of expanding into the US and what insights he has to share from this process.

Podcast outline

‚짬†Overview of who James Greaney is and his journey into e-commerce;

‚ě§ James' opinion on arbitrage selling;

‚ě§ James' biggest success;

‚ě§ James'¬†business model;

‚ě§ James' criteria for going full time;

‚ě§ James' ROI criteria for investment;

‚ě§ What is Shopify and how does it work;

‚ě§ Why James has focused on building a brand off Amazon;

‚ě§ The methods James has used to build his brands off Amazon;

‚ě§ How James arranges meetings with retailers;

‚ě§ James' rules for product selection;

‚ě§ James gives an example of how he applies his product selection analysis;

‚짬†How James managed to¬†coordinate¬†his expansion into the USA;

‚짬†Did James have to incorporate a US company in order to expand in the USA;

‚짬†What advice would James have for a seller looking to expand into the US?

‚짬†James' view on paid mentors versus googling and the¬†youtubing¬†approach;

‚ě§ Has James¬†had any key mentors or undertaken any training;

‚ě§ Does James believe his success could be replicated in today's market conditions;

‚ě§ Where does James see the future of private labelling heading; and

‚ě§ How James recommends a brand should be structured.


Shopify – Claim your free 14-day trial by using the link below. Shopify allows you to create your own online E-commerce store.

Jungle Scout РUse this product to analyse the sales volume both in units and £/$ value amount to determine whether a product market share is worth pursuing or assist with launching your products.

Google AdWords¬†–¬†Take advantage of online advertising for your overall internet marketing efforts through Google.

Wayfair  The largest online-only retailer for home furniture in the United States.

Contact Details

 Email: James@InternetBizUni.Com














Visit James' website to get a list of hot private label products to download.

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