Amazon UK training tip: How to Turbocharge Your Amazon UK Cashback

Hey Guys,

Please find my latest training on how to Turbocharge your Amazon FBA Cashback and just generally save money in your everyday life. This video will explain how to layer different cashback and reward mechanisms to boost your profits or increase your fringe benefits from your Amazon business.

The links mentioned in the video are as follows:
➤ Comparison sites such as can be handy for comparing the best reward credit card/ cashback deals in the market;
Cashback UK sites like Topcashback and Quidco are great;
➤ For my US readers, the best Cashback US site is probably Simply sign up for free to get cash back on purchases;
➤ The google chrome store to download the top cashback chrome extension; and
➤ Making use of in-store loyalty programs like the Tesco club card or the Toys R Us Gold Card Programs just to name a few are also a great way to earn extra rewards or cashback.

Let me know your thoughts or questions by leaving me a comment. Otherwise enjoy!

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