EP 24 – Learn How to Grow Your Instagram Account & Generate Leads with Leon Benjamin of Triple Your Tribe



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Leon Benjamin - Triple Your Tribe

Episode Overview


In Episode 24, I interview Leon Benjamin from Triple Your Tribe who is an Instagram growth consultant who literally helps entrepreneurs to triple their tribe and grow their Instagram following.

Leon explains how to use Instagram properly to grow your account following properly by engaging with followers, using hashtags as well as how to post pictures that really engage properly and result in lead generation and explosive account growth!

Show Outline

➤ Introduction

➤ Leon shared his background as an entrepreneur.

➤Leon shared why he chose Instagram as the primary social media to launch his business.

➤ Leon gave an overview of what benefits can most benefit from using Instagram for his business and how it has benefited him.

➤ Leon outline some of the main ways on how Instagram can be of help for businesses.

➤ Leon provided his best for tips for growing your Instagram followers.

➤Leon explained how to use of hashtags and how conduct hashtag research.

➤ Leon provided examples of ways and how to use hashtags.

➤ Leon further described how to perform hashtag analysis.

➤ Leon described how to use emojis correctly and the importance in using emojis.

➤ Leon outlined the importance of describing your context when posting on Instagram.

➤ Leon recounted some of the common mistakes that he has observed that are being committed by Instagram users.

➤ I asked Leon if he has any recommended tools or tips when creating photos.

➤ I asked Leon if he had any views on how to structure videos given the limited length allowed by Instagram.

➤ I asked about the whether there are photos or videos that work for certain niches.

➤ Leon clarified the right and wrong way to use Instagram automation.

➤ Leon outlined his services as an Instagram consultant.

➤ Leon outlined the results that his students get.

➤ Leon explained how listeners can contact him.

➤ Leon commented on Instagram being a long term trend and the skills being transferable to other mediums.

➤ Close



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