Private Label Product Selection
with Greg Mercer of Jungle Scout


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Greg Mercer of Jungle Scout

Episode Overview

In this mammoth episode with Amazon giant Greg Mercer of Jungle Scout, we cover product selection criteria for both beginners AND advanced sellers looking to sell on Amazon.

Greg also discusses his views on product selection tips for different Amazon markets and Greg’s approach on how to create and build your own Amazon team.

We then go into Greg’s advice on how to launch an Amazon product, Greg’s opinion on the best markets to launch in and then finally rounding up with what to do if you want to sell your Amazon Business.

➤ Opening

➤ Greg provided an overview of his background and experience selling on Amazon;

➤ Greg provided an overview of his product selection tips for beginners and advanced-sellers;

➤ Greg gave his opinion on what is currently working in American and Europe markets;

➤ Greg provided his opinion on product selection for US and Non-US markets;

➤ Greg shared what his minimum budget for launching a product is and the main costs;

➤Greg shared his views on how & when to start building your own team to scale up the business;

➤ Greg shared his opinion on the biggest reasons why products fail on Amazon;

➤ Greg provided an overview of Jungle Scout and how the Jungle Scout app works;

➤ Greg shared his view on how to successful exit and sell an Amazon / Ecommerce business;

➤ Greg provided his view on the future of private label selling and where he believes the greatest opportunities in 2017 are; and

➤ Close.



Jungle Scout –  This product allows you to analyse the sales volume both in units and £, € , $ value amount to determine whether a product market share is worth pursuing.

FE International – buy and sell your Amazon / Ecommerce Business.

➤ Empire Flippers – buy and sell your Amazon / Ecommerce Business.


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