Review: Amazon Arbitrage Sourcing Software FBA Wizard Pro Vs Tactical Arbitrage

Tactical Arbitrage

When you get into the Amazon FBA or eBay online arbitrage game (for the newbies this is buying goods at a lower price and reselling them on Amazon for a higher price) there are certain tools and systems that we believe will propel you towards success.

1 – Getting ungated in multiple product categories

Being ungated will help you sell in categories where there are less sellers, as well as being able to sell an expanded range of products.

The more you can sell the greater the chance of you increasing your profits!

2 – Product Preparation Centers

These are simply places that will receive your goods bought from the supplier they will then prep them to Amazon’s strict standards and then ship them into Amazon.

Another no-brainer in our opinion. Why? Because if you waste time preparing your inventory this means you then have less hours in a day to do higher order thinking tasks that will generate you money.

These tasks include things like selecting what products to buy and what direction to take your business.

3 – Automated Sourcing Software

The last element is Automated Sourcing Software – these are software tools that automatically search a retailer’s store listings and compare a product’s purchase price to the Amazon selling price to see if you can profitably buy and resell an item.

In our mind, there are two main players in this space: FBA Wizard Pro and Tactical Arbitrage both of which come with free trials.

For this reason alone we think you'd be bonkers not to at least give both of the trials a turn to make some free money and then quit if you don't like them! 

For Tactical Arbitrage, use our special code TACTICAL10 at checkout to get an exclusive bonus 3 extra days on your trial to test the product for a total of 10 days.

FBA Wizard Pro meanwhile comes with a 14 Day Moneyback guarantee which you can test here.

Below we will detail some of the main features of each product to help you decide which may be better for you!

For ease of comparison, we have included photos of each search platform for your reference (Tactical Arbitrage first and FBA Wizard Photos Second).


Want to make money like the big boys? Before you even start, think about how you can create a moneymaking system.

Head to and hire yourself a Filipino virtual assistant.

Then get your assistants to run searches for you and make buy order recommendations for you to evaluate daily.

Once you build up trust, get them to make purchases from retailers for who are listed on sites like Topcashback UK and Ebates in the US (this way you’ll get bonus cashback for free on every order).

Then have your products shipped to a fulfillment centre to be prepared and shipped into Amazon for sale.

The key to being able to do volume and huge profits is by using automated sourcing software to scan profitable products for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

But how do you know which one to choose?

Well, we have done a quick comparison for you:

How many supported retailers are there?

Tactical Arbitrage currently supports 622 sites in the following countries Spain (9 sites), Germany (30 sites), USA (384 sites), UK (131 sites), Japan (10 sites), Canada (33 sites), Australia (25 sites).

FBA Wizard Pro: currently supports 600+ stores in the UK, US & CA.

So in our book, both are pretty evenly matched on this front  – Perhaps Tactical Arbitrage has a slight edge as it supports more countries. But they are both constantly adding new stores!

Both Have Comprehensive Training Portals

Both platforms come with a comprehensive training library and have active Facebook Groups to help ensure your success and answer your questions as let's face it: If they didn't make you money nobody would use the software!

Powerful Filtering Search Functionality

Both programs have search functions that allow you to apply filters to your search results, for example, you can filter your to data to only search for a minimum of 50% return on investment, categories or sales ranks under a certain number.

PRO TIP: Loosen Up Your Parameters!

To stop your searches revealing no results we like to run a broad search initially with no filters apart from a product category.

Once the search has been completed we then like to drill down by filtering our results and aim for between 20% to 50% Return on investment at a minimum.

We also usually aim to purchase in the top 1% of sales rankings and never more than the top 3% otherwise your products may take months to sell!

Our required return varies depending on the cost of the product and the profit we will make. Ideally, we like to aim to make at least a fiver for each product we sell.

Scan Wholesale Listings

Both Softwares allow you to search wholesale listings. Simply get your wholesaler to send you their stock listing in a CSV file and then upload it Wizard and Tactical Arbitrage to do all the heavy lifting of analysing profitability of items to sell.

Amazon to Amazon Flips

Both products allow you to do Amazon to Amazon Flips. This is where the software will search Amazon catalogues to see if you can buy a product for example on Amazon Germany and resell it for a profit on Amazon UK.

Reverse Product Searches

The Reverse Scan is a really cool feature that both software have. This time you simply reverse the normal search by finding a selling product on Amazon and using the software to search for a retailer where you can buy it from profitability to resell on Amazon.

Features Unique to FBA Wizard

Private Label Research

FBA Wizard allows you to conduct private label research. To find out important product details to gauge the viability of selling in a Niche such as sales ranking, 30-Day revenue and sales estimates.

Ebay Scan

A great feature for those selling on eBay and Amazon. It allows you to scan retailer listings to find products to resell on eBay!

Ebay wholesale

You can now also upload your wholesale price lists to find profitable wholesale products to sell on eBay.

Features Unique to Tactical Arbitrage


Add your own stores to search

THIS IS A HUGE FEATURE. Tactical Arbitrage allows you to add your own advanced custom store scans.

This allows you scan any retailer site you want and avoid having to compete on more busier searched sites. You can literally integrate stores that no one else has!

Global matching database

This feature helps ensure your products match the listings are more accurate so you don't buy the wrong items.

Our Recommendation – The Verdict

Both tools are REALLY good. We find that if you are purely wanting to focus on Amazon arbitrage, Tactical Arbitrage’s ability to allow you to add your own specific stores to your account is an incredibly valuable tool.

This allows you to search different stores instead of the searching the same stores that every man and his dog are searching.

The global matching feature of Tactical Arbitrage which allows sellers to correct searching mismatches improves the accuracy of results which is another huge plus and prevents poor buying decisions occurring!

Trust me, if there are poor matches or hundreds of people searching the same store this can lead to lots of profitable results being returned but all the items being out of stock or simply false results being returned!

This is crucial to making sure you don't waste your time and get value for money from your subscription.

However, on the other hand, we think if you feel you may also want to look at selling on eBay or private labeling products then FBA Wizard’s unique added features are REALLY USEFUL in this area.

However, as both come with free trials – In our mind, you'd be bonkers not to at least test both of the trials and go and make some free money obligation free.

Simply quit during the trial period if you don't like the software!

For Tactical Arbitrage use our special code TACTICAL10 at checkout to get a bonus 3 day extra days to test the product for a total of 10 days.

FBA Wizard Pro Meanwhile comes with a 14 Day Moneyback guarantee which you can test here.

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