The Ecommerce Wholesale Blueprint with Jaime Miralles

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Jaime Miralles - Seller Success Academy

Episode Overview

In Episode 21, we interview Jamie Miralles an Ecommerce entrepreneur who has sold over USD100 MILLION through selling Wholesale.

Discover  the secrets of how to find wholesale suppliers and how to grow an Amazon wholesaling business in this podcast.

We have literally distilled and uncovered  the key lessons that Jamie has learnt throughout his 20 years of selling online for your benefit.

➤ Opening

➤ Jamie gave details about his background and his involvement in the world of ecommerce including his achievements;

➤ I asked Jamie about his business model whether he did any Arbitrage, wholesale or private label;

➤ I asked Jamie why he chose to focus on wholesale specifically;

➤ Learn What are wholesalers and how do Amazon sellers make money buying from wholesalers?

➤ I asked Jamie if wholesalers sets minimum order requirements and what are these typically;

➤ Jamie provided his tips for finding profitable wholesalers to source from and how to negotiate prices with wholesalers;

➤ Jamie gave his opinion about doing wholesale and whether he believed if new sellers  should focus on RA and OA from the start;

➤ I asked Jamie if an individual seller was able to do wholesale on  Amazon;

➤ I asked what a decent budget to start with was

➤ Jamie shared his secrets when it comes to finding wholesalers;

➤ Jamie described his opinion on what to do next after finding a wholesaler;

➤ I asked Jamie about his Amazon wholesale selling training;

➤ Jamie shared the success that his students were having;

➤ Jamie answered whether his course worked for sellers in the UK and Europe or solely for US Sellers;

➤ Jamie advised whether he believed sellers need to be ungated to succeed at wholesale;

➤ I asked Jamie for his last comment on the impact of Amazon category restriction on selling wholesale and if he believes wholesale will continue to be a viable business model going forward; and

➤ Close




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➤ Check out Jamie's Seller Success Academy Course here.


➤ Check out Jamie's Seller Success Academy Course here.

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