Case Study: The Stitch Leggings Story with Tom Hunt 

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Tom Hunt - Stitch Leggings

Episode Overview

In Episode 22, this podcast interviews Tom Hunt a full stack entrepreneur who started his online money making journey by launching his own Shopify / private label product range.

Discover why he took this approach and the key lessons he has learned on his journey from starting his e-commerce business, building and selling his own website and writing and releasing his own book.

➤ Introduction

➤ Tom shared his background as an entrepreneur, how he got involved in the world of eCom and his achievements in the field.

➤ Tom talked about his successful transition from being a simple store owner, to a developer and to becoming a writer.

➤ I asked Tom how did he start his store. If he started with drop shipping or did he immediately private labeled products

➤ I asked Tom how did he build his team amidst Shopify's need of vast range skills set.

➤ Learn how to learn those skills set from copywriting FB ads, google ads product selection and fulfillment customer service and more.

➤ Tom shared his collective experience skills set at the start.

➤ Tom shared insights on the beginnings of Stitch. How does it look like at the beginning with regards to sales and how was its growth.

➤ I asked Tom how was his work as a management consultant looks like and how he balances his life with all his endeavors.

➤ I asked Tom what was the result of a lot of paid advertising.

➤ Tom gave out significant advice and tips for networking and connecting with influencers.

➤ Know what a team of a business that does 100k per month looks like.

➤ Learn how to manage your time spending in a business and do other things that matters to you at the same time like writing a book and developing a software.

➤ Tom left some words of inspiration on how to achieve success like how he did.

➤ Close


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