Understanding Search Engine Optimisation
In Order To Increase Your Product
or Website Visibility 


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Episode Overview

Learn the basics of what Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is and how you can use SEO to help make your website and products visible on the web.


➤ Patrick's Background; 

➤ Patrick explains what SEO is;

Patrick gives an overview of the key SEO concepts and principals;

➤ Patrick explains the difference in on page versus Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation;

➤ Patrick explains what keywords are and how often should we can use keywords;

Patrick explained the common mistakes you see across amateur websites;

➤ Patrick's tips for improving on page and off page SEO;

➤ Patrick explains the difference between SEO experts;

 Patrick shares his top SEO books, mentors and resources; and

➤ Overview of Patrick's services and how to contact.




➤ Search Engine Land

➤ Moz

Patrick's SEO Consultancy Site and Blog



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