What is Amazon FBA UK & how to make £1000+ monthly

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Today I want to explain what is Amazon FBA UK and how you can start your own online business and start making an extra £1,000 per month + selling on Amazon UK and European markets.

But first I want you to take a moment to think, really think HARD what life would be like with an extra £500 or a £1,000 to spend. What about an extra £5,000 a month of income? Because this could be your new lifestyle.

This article will show you the system you can use to start making that kind of money today. Amazon businesses do not require a degree in rocket science, no huge investment costs AND best of all you can start making money within days of starting!

Amazon businesses are one of the biggest millionaire-making, laptop lifestyle creating online businesses in the UK today.

As Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon says “The Amazon marketplace otherwise known as the millionaire factory has been responsible for the more self-made millionaires than any other marketplace”.

The 265 billion dollar and growing monster, that is Amazon has been up and running in the United States for over 20 years.

Now I know what you’re probably beginning to think at this point: Great. So people are making millions from Amazon businesses. But I don’t even know if it’s even possible for me to make a pound let alone a million pounds!

So I wanted to share with you one of the stories of my client Jenny from Bolton who is married and a mother of two young boys. Having left her job to raise her children she was looking for a way to earn money.

Selling on Amazon provided Jenny with a method that allowed her to run her Amazon business around cooking, cleaning and picking up her kids from nursery. Yet still making enough money to make it worth her time.

Just like with any business at first she was sceptical. Together we helped her make her first sale of £17.49 and now just recently had her best ever day selling with £505 of revenue in one day! Slowly but surely she is building up her inventory to enable her to generate £1,000 per month in profits.

Amazon UK first sale
Amazon UK current sales

The good news for you is Amazon UK is only just starting to take a stranglehold on the UK retail market.

This means that there is still time for new sellers like you to enter the market, grab your slice of the pie and ride the Amazon wealth wave. All with little to no startup costs.

If you’ve always dreamt of earning more money or starting your own online business then this article is for you.

Running your own online Amazon retailing business is a proven path to living the laptop life. A life where you can literally work from anywhere in the world.

A life where you can choose when you want to work and life that is powered using just a laptop and an internet connection.

Unlike most full-time jobs, Amazon businesses are businesses where your income will grow the more hours you put into your business.

Before I start explaining to you all about the different methods of selling on Amazon. First, Let me show you some proof of just how much money people are making from Amazon UK:

Proof of Amazon sales
what is amazon fba UK proof
Amazon FBA UK proof

While this article is not going to promise or guarantee that you will make this kind of money, it shows that there is some serious money being made by sellers like you and me on Amazon UK.

It proves that there are people making a full time living from selling on Amazon UK. You too can become one of these people if you are prepared to put in the time and the effort.

How People Make Money Selling On Amazon

So by now you’re probably wondering how everyday people without advanced degrees manage to make so much money selling on Amazon.

Amazon allows third-party sellers to sell their own products on the Amazon website (in return for a sales commission). A third-party seller is anyone who has an item for sale and decides to sell it on Amazon.

The Amazon platform allows for two main types of sales to occur. These are:

➤ Fulfilled by Amazon sales (“FBA”); and

➤ Fulfilled by merchant sales (“FBM”).


The process of fulfilment is simply the process of getting the product from the point of sale to the customer.

The beauty of the Amazon FBA service is that the seller is only responsible for getting the products to the Amazon warehouses. Amazon will then store your products until they sell.

Once your item sells Amazon will then dispatch the item and look after any complaints, refunds or after sales service.


Amazon will dispatch the items and look after any complaints, refunds or after sales service.

However, If you choose the FBM method this means that you as the merchant are responsible for shipping the item and handling any after sales service.

The two main methods that people use to make money on Amazon are as follows:

1. Retail & Online Arbitrage Selling

This is the process of making money by buying products at a lower price and then reselling the same product on Amazon at a higher price for a profit.

For example, sellers would go to Tesco and buy a clock selling in Tesco for £5 that is selling on Amazon for £10. They would then purchase the clock, ship it into Amazon and resell the clock on Amazon for a profit.

Retail arbitrage is the process of finding these product pricing differences in physical stores.

While online arbitrage is simply the process of finding these products online. When sellers use this method they tend to engage the help of a virtual assistant for no more than a few dollars an hour to help you find profitable products 24 hours a day (These assistants are often based in the Philippines from sites like this).

To learn more about the sorts of tasks that are perfect for outsourcing to your virtual assistant or the best sites to hire them from read our article on hiring virtual assistants here.

The quickest way to maximise your profit is by using automatic Online arbitrage sourcing software such as FBA Wizard or Tactical Arbitrage (use the code HACKER14 at checkout to receive a bonus additional 7 DAYS Trial Period!

These softwares can search retailer stores on the internet while you sleep to find products to purchase and sell on Amazon FBA UK.

For a detailed review to help you to decide which one may be suited best for you check out our review here.


  • Low initial investment.
  • Simpler to make money compared to private labelling (discussed below) as you don’t have to worry about
    building up a brand.


  • Can be time-consuming or hard to constantly find products for re-sale.
  • More time intensive than private labelling.

2. Private Label Selling

The second method involves finding products for sale from manufacturers (usually in China) putting your business brand on the product, importing the products and then selling them on Amazon.


  • Large profit margins.
  • Once the brand is established there is very little work required to keep generating sales and profits. Sourcing/supply of the product is guaranteed.


  • Involves a high initial investment to purchase inventory.
  • Quite risky for no-one with any prior experience.
  • Steep learning curve as you need to know how to find products, market products and build up a reputable brand.

So where exactly can you sell your products? Good question! Selling on the Amazon Europe platform enables sellers to sell their products throughout the whole of the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

Aside from this massive marketplace, one of the most attractive parts of an online business like selling on Amazon is that it allows you to work whenever you like. However, more importantly you gain the ability to make money no matter the time of day. You can literally make money when you sleep!

Retail/Online Arbitrage or Private Label? My Verdict!

This is the million dollar question! For people getting started selling online, I think retail and online arbitrage provides the perfect low-risk way to understand the fundamentals of selling online with Amazon. You can experience the power of the Amazon marketplace, with a low initial investment and relatively low risk.

Starting off with launching your own private label brand has a MASSIVE learning curve. You have to learn the following just to name a few:

➤ How to find a profitable product in China.

➤ Determine whether the product will sell on Amazon.

➤ How to import the product – This can be a very challenging task for someone with no prior experience.

➤ Get product reviews and build up product credibility.

Then on top of this as a seller, you still have to understand how to use the Amazon seller central seller’s portal and ensure your shipments conform to Amazon’s expectations. Because if they don’t this can potentially cost you a lot of money.

For these reasons alone, I think the process of learning to understand how to sell on Amazon through retail and arbitrage selling is a lot simpler.

You can then build up some profits and then invest this into a private label venture. This mitigates a lot of the risk posed by launching a private label product and increases your chances of building a successful business.

Whilst making money online through Amazon is INCREDIBLY easy. Don’t be fooled there is a lot to learn and a lot of information to digest. I would encourage every new seller to try and find a reasonably priced mentor or coach to help them on their journey for two reasons:

1 – You will start to make money faster and waste less time scanning the internet for pieces of information that may or may not be accurate; and

2 – you are running a business and there are legal responsibilities and ramifications for your actions. Make sure you understand the risks involved as you could expose yourself to unnecessary risks and become personally liable.

Here’s What We Covered Today:

Selling on Amazon involves occurs in two ways:

➤ The seller chooses to ship the goods to the customer; or

➤ The seller uses Amazon’s FBA service which takes care of any shipping and after sales service.

There are two main methods for making sales on Amazon:

1 – Find products currently selling in the market at a lower price and then resell them on Amazon. This is otherwise known as arbitrage selling; or

2 – Buy goods wholesale or directly from manufacturers label them with your own brand and then sell the product on Amazon. This is often referred to as private labelling.

Both are proven money making opportunities which will increase your income.

Do you want to know more?

Here’s how you can find out more or get started right away:

Check out the system that you can reliably use to start your own side-business today by enrolling into my Four Day Fast Starter Mini Course. The course covers:

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