What is the Amazon Buy Box and How to Increase Your Chances of being Featured

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Amazon buy box

For most Amazon sellers, our goal is to maximise our profits without compromising our Amazon account health. One of the easiest ways to do this is by maximising your chance of winning the Amazon Buy Box.

What Is the Amazon Buy Box?

Put simply, the buy box are the sellers who are displayed on a listing with the ‘add to basket’ next to their name.

Amazon buy box

Where is the Amazon Buy Box Located?

Generally, there are 2 types of buy boxes displayed on a listing. The first is the primary buy box, circled in red, which is displayed on the image above and is held by Amazon.

The secondary buy boxes are also circled in red and are held by Bargain Warehouse, GiftlocalUK and FancyDressForAll.

Why Winning The Buy Box Is So Important?

To put it frankly, most customers can't be bothered to scroll down and check the complete list of sellers on a listing. Instead, they just go with the buy box recommendations (especially as the buy box often tends to feature the lowest priced sellers) and make their purchases.
So if you want to sell more products you need to know how to be featured or ‘win' the buy box.

Factors Influencing You Winning The Buy Box

buy box pricing

The exact algorithm that is used to determine who wins the buy box is a closely guarded secret by Amazon so as to avoid seller exploitation. However, known factors that you as the seller can influence to win the buy box include:

➤ The Price of your product – This is huge! Amazon loves a low competitive price – You need to be vigilant and monitor the marketplace for any price changes and then adjust your prices accordingly.

Try and ensure that your price is always less than or equal to the buy box price which seller central kindly displays for you in the pricing menu per the image above;

➤ Your fulfilment method – Are you FBA or merchant fulfilled – Amazon tends to favour FBA sellers over merchant fulfilled sellers selling at the same price;

➤ Your seller feedback rating score – Amazon is all about putting the customer first. The more customers buy on Amazon, the more money Amazon makes.

In order for this to occur, customers need to be kept happy by having a good buying experience when purchasing on Amazon. This is then reflected by the customer giving you a good feedback rating score.

As a new seller, another great way to influence your seller feedback is by making sure the products you sell have low return rates and defect rates.

This is why in the beginning, a good strategy is not to sell products that are highly subjective or prone to returns (think of items like clothes or items that have multiple sizes).

If a high percentage of your sales result in poor feedback, then your average feedback will be poor which could lead to the Amazon algorithm not featuring you in the buy box.

Another easy win to help you improve your customer feedback scores is by always offering prompt and rapid customer service. This can be done by ensuring you always respond to buyer messages within 24 hours.


Winning the Amazon Buy Box is crucial for Amazon sellers if you want to make money quickly! The main factors that will influence whether you win the buy box are:

➤The Price of your product – This is huge! Amazon loves a low competitive price – so make sure your product is amongst the top 3 lowest selling prices!

➤ Your fulfilment method – FBA sellers generally get buy box priority over merchant fulfilled sellers selling at the same price. This shouldn't matter if you're an FBA seller.

➤ Your seller feedback rating score – i.e. Are customers generally satisfied when they buy from you. The better your score the greater chance you will win the buy box over another seller with the same price.

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